Were You Ever a Member Of Juxtaposition???

If you were ever a member of Virginia Tech's Juxtaposition from 1994 - Present, please email us at vtjuxta@gmail.com

to be featured on this page!

Some things to send us is your name (nicknames from time in group are welcomed as well), your voice part, the year you graduated, a picture from when you were in the group, a modern picture of what you look like now, and what you've been up to since your college years (musical or nonmusical)! Send us as much or as little as you please, minimum to be featured is name, one picture, graduation year and voice part. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!


Jacques was a member of Juxta graduating with a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering Spring of 2018. During his tenure Jacques sang tenor 1 and soloed Penny Lane in Juxta's hit "Boy Band Medley. Jacques didn't only sing however, he also arranged "Scared to Be Lonely" featured on the 2018 Album "Faking It"! You can now find Jacques working as a network engineer for Cisco in Dallas, TX. 


Caleb was a member of Juxta graduating with a Master’s in Education Spring of 2018. During his tenure Caleb sang tenor 1 and soloed a total of five songs including “Couch Potato” which was featured on Juxta’s recent album “Faking It”. Caleb also arranged a good number of songs for the group including “River”, “Tennessee Whiskey”, the “Sexy can I/Ignition” Mash Up, and “Sweetheart”! You can now find Caleb working as an Elementary School Music Teacher in Prince George, Virginia.


Shea “Sheabob, Schemin’ Shea” Murray was a member of Juxta graduating with a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering in 2017. During his tenure Shea sang tenor 2 and soloed “Ignition Remix. Shea entered Juxta in Fall of 2014 of his Sophomore Year and held the Historian Position 2015-2016. You can now find Shea working as a Quality Inspector at Rockwell Collins. He is now immortalized in the song “2U” available now on our new album “Faking It”, see if you can find where!


Clarke Helm was a member of Juxta graduating with a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering in 2015. During his tenure Clarke sang tenor 1 and 2 as well as multiple solo’s as shown from this picture taken (below) during a Pep Rally. Clarke entered Juxta in 2011-2014. You can now find working in NYC for a General Contracting Firm as a Project Engineer/Construction Manager. He still has a love for singing as he participates at open mics around the city and consistently posts videos of his music on his Instagram @clarke_walter_ .


Tanaka Dube was a member of Juxta graduating in 2012 with a Bachelor's degree in Finance. He left his legacy in the group as a powerful Baritone singing many well-known solos such as: Heaven, Shake Your Booty, and Sex on Fire! Tanaka is now a consultant for a software firm in Northern Virginia. You can still find Tanaka jamming out in the shower or the car to this day.

Pep Rally Day

Clarke and Bryson Greenbrier New Years Warmup

Clarke modern day


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