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Secret opb. Joshua Bassett

soloed by Colin Richter

Arcade opb. Duncan Lawrence

soloed by Tristian Floyd

Broke opb. Samm Henshaw

soloed by Dylan Quinn

Evergreen opb. Omar Apollo

soloed by Alejandro Molina

Boyfriend opb. Big Time Rush

soloed by Chris Angus and Jacob Albright

Strangers By Nature opb. Adele

soloed by Harry Rosson

Rihmix (Rihanna Medley) opb. Rihanna

soloed by Will Evenson, Chris Angus, Jacob Albright,

Aaron Grossman, and Jackson Gardner

For Life opb. Stephen Day

soloed by Dylan Quinn

Penelope opb. Early Eyes

soloed by Will Evenson

Little Lies opb. Fleetwood Mac

soloed by Jackson Gardner

Sunlight opb. Hozier

soloed by Colin Richter

Falling In Love opb. Lucky Daye, Joyce Wrice

soloed by Chris Angus and Tristian Floyd

Sold opb. John Michael Montgomery

soloed by Jackson Gardner

Shake opb. KC and The Sunshine Band

soloed by the Tenor 2's

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