Common Questions

​Is it hard to get in?   

  • Juxta is a highly competitive group. We set our standards high. With that being said, you certainly don’t have to be the next winner of The Voice! We encourage everyone to audition, because you never know what we’re looking for in any single semester! Each year, we typically accept 4-6 Juxta new guys!

​What are rehearsals like?  

  • We rehearse every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 8-10PM (7-9PM on Thursdays). We  rehearse in Squires Student Center (where auditions were held). Although rehearsals are super fun, we also value productivity to make sure our music is in top shape.

​Do I need to be a music major to join Juxtaposition?  

  • No! Most of our members do not major in music. Being in Juxta is strictly out of our passion and enjoyment for singing!

​Can I audition for more than one group?   

  • Of course! Most people audition for more than one group!

Does Juxtaposition require a big commitment?   

  • Yes, we require a high level of commitment from each member. We practice 3x per week (6 hours). In addition, we tend to have performance gigs that also sometimes require us to travel outside campus and even outside Virginia! Although we expect a serious level of dedication from each of our members, some of our members are involved around campus outside of A Capella!

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