Juxtaposition Spring 2019 Newsletter

Juxtaposition 25th Anniversary Concert 2019

Juxtaposition turned 25 this year, and with this major accomplishment, we wanted to celebrate it with style! We’d first of all like to thank the Alumni who attended this past weekend! Everything that we’ve been able to accomplish could not be done without the love and support of each and every one of you. We look forward to strengthening our connections with you all in the future. Some of the highlights of the concert was a recognition of our 8 BOCA recognitions, 6 voices only recognitions, a celebration of our trip to the ICCAs with our full set performance, the return of 3 classic songs from our past (Pompeii, Not Over You, and Death of a Bachelor), a celebration and sendoff to our graduating seniors Jon Walker, Christian Mergl, Tucker Davis, and Nick Robinson, and an epic closing performance of Shake featuring all of you!

ICCA 2019 Results

This was a huge year for Juxtaposition as we took on the challenge of The International Championship for Collegiate Acapella, also known as the ICCA’s. We competed against some very experience competition, but we definitely held our own. While we didn’t make it past the Quarter Finals in Tennessee, we learned a lot and are very proud of our representation at this prestigious event. You can watch our full set right now on our newly revitalized Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/VTJuxta

Juxtaposition’s Relaunched Website

We’ve relaunched our website and with that comes some long needed changes. While we continuously update the website’s format, information, and capabilities, we know nothing is ever going to be perfect. However, we strive for perfection anyways and want your feedback on what you think will make our website better for the future! Be sure to explore our tabs a bit to find our new features such as our Alumni Celebration (where we still and will continue accepting Alumni information for bios) or our Social Media page featuring highlights from our Facebook and Instagram Feeds! While our Website is still a work in progress we’re committed to updating it frequently and professionally from here on out!

Senior Spotlight

Jon “Big Jon” Walker. Words cannot describe this teddy bear of a man. Born and raised as a hard-playing badass, he never shies away from a high-powered get-together with his friends. His voice is as sweet as the smile on his face, but don’t be fooled.; He isn’t always an angel. He uses his spare time to fight tigers and post videos of his younger self singing on Instagram. Since his childhood videos, he has become a talented photographer, professional snuggler, and an Aeronautical and Astronomical Engineering student. On Juxta’s Instagram, it has been quoted that “the devil works hard, but Jon Walker works harder.” As Juxtaposition’s President, this statement couldn’t be truer. Leading the group into the Golden Gates of success, Jon is handling business around the clock. Just don’t ask him what time it is because that incredible watch Jon wears doesn’t work; he just can’t give up his unparalleled style.

Austin “Thumbs-Up” Redden used to walk the length of I-81 in search of the perfect spoon. Every day as he walked along, he envisioned this heavenly spoon to lift his spirits. To each passing car, Redden would give a resounding thumbs up, a product of his innocent and pure spirit. This positive attitude wasn’t appreciated by the passing cars however, each one honking aggressively at the enthusiastic Spoon-Seeker. Every car except the Juxta Mobile that is. The men of Juxtaposition confused his positive thumb encouragement as a call for a ride, a Hitchhiker of sorts. The Spoon-lover joined the Juxta Mobile as they traveled to Virginia Tech which also happens to be the home of the Golden Spoon, a utensil worth more than the chocolate cereal milk it lies in. As they drove fast yet legal speeds, they heard the Spoon-Adorer singing along to the hit album “Do Not Disturb” (Available on Spotify). The rest is history as the Spoon-lifter was asked to join the group. In 2018, Austin is now a Senior, a Tenor 1, the Manager of all Spoon and non-Spoon related business, and currently holds the record for the most Spoons owned in Blacksburg. On an unrelated note the Golden Spoon of Virginia Tech is missing, please be on the lookout for suspicious spoon-heralders.

Senior Nick “Smallbody” Robinson loves singing Tenor 2 so much he decided to stay with Juxta for a 5th year. This retired president spends most of his time collecting bags at the local Chipotle and arranging music. When he is not at work he is studying for his real estate management classes. However, most of all, Smallbody loves to spend time raising his 8 pet snakes. He is most excited about his recent find of a baby copperhead (thanks hurricane florence).

Tucker Cole Davis, a senior in Chemical Engineering and a vital piece of the powerful machine that is Juxta’s creamy smooth baritone section, is excited to be embarking on his final epic journey with this wild group. Mr. Davis hails from Northern Virginia and enjoys designing odd puzzles and making scrumptious hams in his limited free time. Though he had ambitions young in life of becoming a sorcerer, it doesn’t look like that will be happening any time soon, sadly. Instead, Tucker has determined he may have to use his backup plan of starting a YouTube channel through which he informs the helpless public of anything and everything relating to trees and the growing of them. We all are very thankful to Mr. Davis for his generous contribution to our society

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