Juxtaposition Fall Newsletter 2018

Who’s Your Daddy?

Juxtaposition is hosting their Fall Concert “Who’s your Daddy” November 16th, 2018 with two shows; 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm at the Lyric theatre just down the street from Squires Student Center! This concert is one of our most ambitious yet! Be ready for new professional arrangements for songs such as Shawn Mendes’ “Particular Taste” and “Porcelain” by Marianas Trench! We will also be showing off our brand new Juxta shirts (replacing the old Salmons), mismatching fathers to members, and other surprises throughout the night that will keep the audience on the edge of their seat. While you’re there, be sure to pick up a copy of Juxtaposition’s newest EP “Faking It”.

ICCA 2019 Audition Video

We are excited to announce that Juxtaposition has auditioned for the ICCAs for 2019. In case you’re wondering what we’re talking about, ICCA stands for International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella. This means that Juxtaposition could potentially be going up against every major A Cappella group in the region, nation, and even world if we make it far enough! We’ve made a lot of changes to our practice structure, our ambition, and most importantly our musicality to take on this great task. While we don’t know yet for sure if our application will be accepted, no matter what this marks a change in what we see as possibilities for our group moving forward. If we are honored to make it into this selective and highly competitive competition, we’ll be sure to update you right here on this blog!

Juxtaposition’s 25th Anniversary

25 years ago, Juxtaposition assumed the position as Virginia Tech’s first All-Male A Cappella group. We continue to honor the tradition of our brotherhood year after year keeping to the root of what our group has been while adapting and redefining our goals along the way. As you may already be able to tell, 2018/2019’s academic year is one of our biggest yet and we intend to celebrate that in a way that only Juxtaposition can. On Friday, April 19th, 2019, Juxtaposition’s Spring Concert is dedicated to our past, present, and future. Come join us as we bring back some of our timeless rep, showcase our new songs, and continue the tradition put in place by every member that has graced Juxta over the years. You won’t want to miss this!

Juxtaposition’s Relaunched Website

We’ve relaunched our website and with that comes some long needed changes. While we continuously update the website’s format, information, and capabilities, we know nothing is ever going to be perfect. However, we strive for perfection anyways and want your feedback on what you think will make our website better for the future! Be sure to explore our tabs a bit to find our new features such as our Alumni Celebration (where we still and will continue accepting Alumni information for bios) or our Social Media page featuring highlights from our Facebook and Instagram Feeds! While our Website is still a work in progress we’re committed to updating it frequently and professionally from here on out!

Senior Spotlight

Entering his final year studying Communication Studies, the man himself, Brandon “Bingo” Rogers, is one of Juxtaposition’s most vital members. Not only will he snatch your soul with his singing pipes, he serves as the group’s vocal percussionist. Originating from the city (Richmond, Virginia), Brandon brings a mellowed vibe to the group, most of the time. When the group’s energy level goes ballistically high, you can count on Brandon to calm it down, or intensify it even more. You’ve probably seen this studmuffin on his longboard, beasting the intramural soccer realm, taking down bush campers on Fortnite, or just walking on campus casually beatboxing. Brandon’s biggest music idol is FKJ and considers Fleet Foxes, Tame Impala, John Mayer, and Jack Johnson as some of his favorite artists. Brandon is looking forward to his final year with Juxta and hopes to cement his already undenying legacy with the group. We’re very thankful for Brandon and wish him the absolute best this year! Now take us away Brandon, possibly to the River!


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